Monday, March 9, 2009

I heart Polar Bears!

Besides birds, rabbits, and balloons.. I also have a little thing for polar bears. Especially baby ones, they are so cute and look very cuddly. There are so many cute bear artworks on etsy - many already from my favourites, but I was excited to discover a couple more as well. I am sharing my favourites with you before I show you one of my very first polar bear paintings.

Top Left: hellooo there (a polar bear family) - Creative Thursday Top Right: Bear - Gorjuss Middle Left: Somersaults Under Marshmallow Tree - Krisblues Middle Right: Twins - LullaLoo Bottom Left: Sweet Dreams in Red Pajamas - Gumball Grenade Bottom Right: Winter Bear - Gumball Grenade


Dallas Shaw said...

sweet, nice seeing you over at my little spot!


Sarah Arkanoff said...
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Sarah Arkanoff said...

My favorite is the little dancing guy with the crown on- too cute!

Little Miss Mel said...

I love polar bears too! So cute and big and fluffy!