Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentine's Felt Decorations

Valentines Day is not much more than a month away, and at the moment I am 'hearting' little felt creations. Here are my finds! Make sure you check out the links, there are some amazing shops! (Please excuse the random sizes, fonts etc of the links.. blogger is not working for me today).

1. The Key to my Heart Valentine Owl by The Cupcake Girls

2. Pink and Blue Felt Heart by Fioretta

3. Paper-and-string’s photostream on Flickr - (Paper-and-string also has a shop on etsy)

4. Tweet Pair of Love Birds by Feltmeupdesigns

5. LOVE Bird Holding a Heart and a cute Airmail Pouch by gifts define

6. 3 Little Heart Ornaments by lupin

7. Sweetheart Owls by Skunkboy Creatures

8. LoveBird Pincushion by Feltmates

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